フード&ドリンクのシーンにストイックなまでのこだわりを持ち、株式会社グローヴ ディッシュを率いる代表、森健一。


The GROVE DISH has been led by Kenichi Mori, who has dedicated his career towards creating the perfect dining experience.

His aesthetic sense – or his stoicism, one may call it – are reflected in his exploration of styles that define a dining setting, as well as the excellent selection of furniture and tableware. Through years of his experience in serving diners, Mori has developed his understanding of ingredients that create a special connection between diners and foods.

Mori, however, believes that dining experience should be situated in everyday life, rather than being restrained by strict rules. The GROVE DISH can create a space where a diner can enjoy delicious food with close friends and family, or a space where a diner can enjoy some time on his/her own for dining in a relaxed atmosphere – we strive to provide such a space where adults can experience comfort in whatever way suits their needs.